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We exist to have fun crafting solutions that connect the right people together to enhance value. We exist to allow our creativity to flourish in the persuasive rhetoric we use and the process by which we structure our transactions. We exist to provide peace to our clients in uncertain times.

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Our Story

Adam Smith, the father of economics defined capital as, “That part of a man’s stock which he expects to afford him revenue”. What type of revenue you are afforded will depend on your business model, but what type of capital you attain is dependent upon the resources you deploy to develop your capital. The German economist, Karl Marx, saw capital as “wealth which is generated from the circulation process of buying something in order to sell it again.” Today we commonly refer to capital as an input function, such as human-capital, capital equipment, or financial capital. To simplify, capital is what makes your business tick in every way during every phase. ForgeCap was founded to take stock of “our capital,” no matter the form it may take, and creatively & strategically connect it as the right input for our clients. Our purpose is to forge, shape, mold, and craft the right connections to deploy the right capital stock as the right capital input.

For too many years, the founders of ForgeCap watched our clients struggle with finding the right capital partners because the small business banking industry continually struggled with a particular business model not fitting within their desired box. These were good business operators who had great business models and clear vision of the market share they needed to grab, but were unable to execute. We also witnessed too many great business owners end up with the short straw while buying a business or selling their business or while attempting to execute a transaction with a private equity firm. We got together, shared passion-filled stories, and decided to take action.

Armed with deep connections in many industries and a wide range of capital resources, the next step was boldly taken to begin unleashing our creativity to design and execute financial solutions. According to founder, Ryan Clower, “Simply put, we connect the right people together. Our skill is in our ability to see and understand problems that business owners face, and fortunately, we know we have the resources to ensure the right solution can be crafted.”

Maybe our friend Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, said it best, Ars longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosom, iudicium difficile - “Art is long, life is short, opportunity fleeting, experience dangerous, judgement difficult”

Ryan Clower


Texas-native, Ryan Clower has a passion for making overwhelming obstacles easier for business owners to overcome. Ryan has a knack for developing very close relationships with his clients and is their most trusted advisor throughout the transaction process. He is always mindful of how strategies that are implemented today will affect the long-term, overall financial goals/outlook of each individual and business.

Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Katie, and daughter, Ava Jane. He pours into his community, supporting with various ministries, such as YoungLife, where he serves on the Coppell, Irving, Valley Ranch area committee, and attends The Door Church as an active member. Ryan finds time to rejuvenate himself by hunting in the fall, playing golf in the spring, and sailing his catamaran in the summer.

Lance Monteleone

Director of Business Development

Shane DuPree

Director of Mergers & Acquisitions

Shane has over 27 years of experience in the advisory role. He has worked with small sole proprietorships, to large multi-department corporations. In addition, he has presented to local, state, regional, national and international organizations based on his expertise.

His areas of emphasis include mergers and acquisitions, both from the sell and buy side, business start-up, business measurement, financial systems and controls, compensation modeling, budgeting, forecasting and financial planning. His business philosophy is simple, do everything possible to gain your client’s trust, and then everything necessary to exceed expectations.

His recipe for success with all his clients, regardless of the assignment, includes 3 main ingredients: 1) develop a close personal relationship with client that includes open lines of communication; 2) expanding one’s comfort zone; and 3) always remembering the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra.”

Shane and his wife Suzan, have been married for 27 years, and have 2 amazing children: Chase, age 23, and Miranda, age 20. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, taking vacations together, cooking, wine and having a love/hate relationship with the Dallas Cowboys.

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