At ForgeCap, we believe our artistry is best done by the artist, which is why in every engagement, and throughout every phase, you will work directly with the ForgeCap founders. A blacksmith has to be meticulous in planning how he will craft his project, in order to achieve his end goal. He begins by sketching the project out, then he will bring the iron into the forge to be heated, so it will gain flexibility in order to allow him to shape it. At this point, the artist will take the flexible iron and shape it, mold it, and bend it to the desired goal. He will repeat this process until the work of art that he planned comes to life.


In every client transaction there are 3 main phases, similar to the methods used by a blacksmith in crafting a new work of art, Planning, Positioning, and Execution.

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Phase One

Strategically Planning

We hold firmly to the old adage, “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. In looking at any transaction, either in the near term or long term, strategically thinking through what the goals are, and working backwards is key in determining the two main components: the right timing and the right counterparty. We work diligently to gain an intimate knowledge of every business and every client up front to best craft the right solution.

  1. Gain understanding of the entire business plan and where the business currently resides in its lifecycle.
  2. Develop goals for each major life cycle phase to attain the overall end objective.
  3. Determine the right timing and counterparties needed for each major life cycle phase.
    1. The timing of a transaction depends on your goals. It is imperative that your capital solutions partner work with you to document and understand the entire business plan so you can begin to work backwards to your current position and determine what counterparties are needed and therefore determine what financial position your business needs to be in to have the greatest opportunity for success.
    2. The counterparty for each phase and to each transaction, whether a bank lender, buyer, seller, or private equity firm, depends entirely upon the businesses positioning in its life cycle and what goal is desired from the transaction. Certain lenders will want certain debt covenants to be met which can cause havoc if your growth trajectory would lend itself to a flatter net profit growth curve due to heavy reinvestment. Certain buyers or sellers will have certain expectations for the business that may not fall in line with your business plan. Certain private equity partners may desire for a pure acquisition approach or leaner operational overhead to improve EBITDA which can be contrary to what has led to the current success of your business.

Phase Two

Creatively Positioning

Each client will work directly with the founders who will leave no stone left unturned through gaining intimate knowledge about each business in order to craft the right narrative.

  1. Financial and operational performance will be assessed jointly with our clients to determine areas of strength and weakness
  2. Analyze the plan developed in phase one to determine how it relates to the current business and to better understand the right counterparties to bring into the equation
  3. Through our knowledge of what growth partners, buyers, sellers, or bankers are looking for and what speaks to them the most, we are able to craft the right message that will be received according to our desired intent

Phase Three

Executing with Conviction

Upon taking the strategic plan and the creatively crafted positioning we then get to the fun part and that is negotiating and executing each transaction. Boldly taking this next step based on sound fundamentals knowing the structure and mechanics have been planned well and positioned correctly to attain your goal becomes a sound decision and one that is not filled with hesitation and stress.

  1. Starting the negotiation process with counterparties at the right time, and using the right narrative is what ForgeCap is absolutely best at. Based upon the specific goal and the work done in the planning and positioning phases, we are able to craft a solution that will not only be financially beneficial but will also accomplishes both short and long-term goals. Each transaction is more than a purchase/sale price, interest rate, or value from a private equity buyout; each transaction includes a whole set of levers that can be adjusted through creative negotiations to help attain the best possible outcome.

Core Values

In everything we do, we promise to carry the following traits.


Calm under Heat

Bring honest rhetoric into all situations and craft all deals with the highest integrity and creativity, even under intense heat.


Refine Priorities

Always refine a focus on our priorities; to be true to ourselves, our families, our clients, and our craft.


Bend Sacred Rituals

Intent on maintaining a learning mindset, always asking why and never accepting the status quo at face value.

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